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Tussle and Powerplay at the top AGP: Homen Borgohain.

GUWAHATI (Oct, 2014)

Asking the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) leaders to rise above the internal feud to win back the confidence of its grassroots workers and the people, distinguished critic, writer and journalist Homen Borgohain today said the AGP still had its relevance, provided it took right decisions for reviving its existence.
Inaugurating the National Political Convention of the AGP, Borgohain, in his candid speech, said the AGP had weakened due to the tussle and powerplay at the top, but its workers were still united.
Addressing a huge gathering at the the Pragjyoti cultural complex in the presence of former AGP presidents Prafulla Mahanta, Brindaban Goswami, Thaneswar Boro, present president Atul Bora and other AGP leaders, he termed the very convention as a last opportunity for its revival and to save it from an imminent downfall.
"There was a time when lakhs of people came out on the streets at one call of the Assam Movement leader Prafulla Mahanta. Now, Mahanta and other AGP leaders need to contemplate as to why people of Assam looked up to them during the six-year-long movement and what changed thereafter," he added.
"Blaming the Centre and national political parties is not the right explanation for its own failures, as in a political battle, no one would leave space for others to flourish. Emergence of a strong regional force is in the interest of both the State and AGP," he added. Borgohain further said that the people of Assam wanted a political change, but whether or not the AGP succeeds in seizing the opportunity in the coming Assembly election, would be crucial for the future of the party.
Former Chief Minister and AGP leader Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, while speaking on the occasion said that the party was ready for an unbiased self-analysis so that the mistakes done in the past are not repeated.
In his speech, Brindaban Goswami said that despite a bitter exit from the party, he would stand by it through its thick and thin. Chairing a discussion on 'Regionalism in the backdrop of current political and socio-economic situation,' he said that taking lessons from the past, the party needed to take clear-cut decisions and time bound action plan.
The two-day event started with a special tribute programme organized on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary year of Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa where noted scholar, Shibnath Barman was the chief guest.
AGP president Atul Bora reiterated his pledge to revive the party with the help and co-operation of all present and former workers and leaders of the party and other well-wishers of the AGP.



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