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A Govt servant without salary for 20 years !


Jamugurihat, Guwahati, Assam [Feb 2016]


Mahendra Borah (45) of Purani Telia village and chowkidar of the Nagsankar State Veterinary dispensary near his home has been serving without any salary since 1995. His services were regularized as a chowkidar (MR) vide order no 28 dated 21/12/90 and again vide DVT/H11/90-91/2683-85 dated 22/12/90. He is serving till now, as his post has neither been terminated nor has he been discharged from service. The keys of the dispensary are with him and he opens and closes it daily. At present he is the lone employee of the dispensary.
He was in receipt of his salaries upto 1994 regularly but his salary was stopped abruptly without assigning any reason. As he has not been asked to leave the job, he is still serving. He has appealed time and again to the authority to pay him his salary, but in vain. Why this innocent poor man is suffering from such a plight is a matter of great concern. People want the department to release his salaries for 20 years, as he has not been either terminated or discharged till now.


Courtesy: by VOA Team