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Regulations in protected area.

GUWAHATI (July 28, 2014)

The District Magistrate of Kamrup Metro, Dr M Angamuthu, has issued an order declaring certain areas near the capital complex here as protected area with effect from today with a view to regulate entry of unauthorized persons into the area.


"No person or group of persons, except the bonafide residents and public servants of Assam Secretariat and other offices attached there, with of without arms, ammunition, explosive substances shall enter or loiter around without permission from the District Magistrate, Kamrup Metro, or any officer duly authorized by him on his behalf or the Senior Superintendent of Police, City, Guwahati or the Secretary, Assam Legislative Assembly or an officer duly authorized by him," said an official statement.


The schedule areas are the southern side of the GS Road starting from Ganeshguri Flyover up to Super Market Police point, from Last Gate along the RP Road up to the entry point Assam Legislative Assembly, the road starting from Super Market Police Point to Last Gate, and from Ganesh Mandir up to Ganeshguri Chariali.


Courtesy: by VOA Team.