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Private - Public Partnership needed - Adil Hussain.


Assam-born popular actor Adil Hussain, who has caught the fancy of audiences and film critics in the international arena in the past few years, has said that public-private partnership (PPP) is the need of the hour for promoting quality films in the State as big investment appears to be one of the most integral parts of the present-day film industry across the country.
In an interaction with journalists here on Wednesday, Hussain said producers and directors are interested in quality production with serious stories, which is sure to fulfil the needs of younger generation who are proud of their culture and heritage.
"We will have to produce quality films by ourselves. I think private-public partnership is the need of the hour for promoting film production in our State," said Hussain.
As the producers cannot spend more for promoting Assamese movies in comparison to Bollywood productions, several quality productions have suffered in the State, he said.
An alumni of the National School of Drama (NSD), Adil has already captured the attention of producers, directors and noted film critics across the globe as his acting in the Oscar winning film, Life of Pi, and some others has already made him a popular figure in the international film fraternity. The audience has also appreciated his excellent performance in the recently released Assamese film, Shringkhal.
During the interaction, the producer of the film, Partha Pratim Bora said that he has received a popular response from the viewers after Shringkhal was released for screening in seven cinema halls in the State. "It is encouraging. From the next week, it will be screened at three other halls in Tinsukia and Guwahati," said Bora.
Some viewers here, who have already watched the movie in a local hall, opined in the interaction that the performances of Adil, Jaya Sil, Badal Das and other co-actors gave them a memorable experience which they did not get from any Assamese movie in recent years.
As the script is based on a popular story of veteran writer Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia, most of the cine-goers could enjoy it fully as the story was familiar. Critics have also passed very positive comments on the film. "We are unable to spend more on publicity. But we hope the people in the State will enjoy it," said the director of the movie, Probin Hazarika.



Courtesy: by VOA Team.