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Koch Rajbongshis to float political party.

GUWAHATI (March'14) - Keeping the 2016 Assam Assembly elections in mind, several organisations representing the Koch Rajbongshi community have decided to form a political party to fight for a separate State of Kamatapur and granting of Scheduled Tribe status to the community. Meanwhile, the Koch Rajbongshi organisations are yet to decide which candidates to support in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.

A political convention of different organisations representing the community was held in Bongaigaon on March 23 under the auspices of the Koch Rajbongshi Jatiya Mancha which formed a 12-member committee to study the issues relating to the formation of the new party. The main aim of the party will be to launch a political fight for the creation of a separate State of Kamatapur and ST status to the Koch Rajbongshi community.

Meanwhile, the president of the All Koch Rajbongshi Students' Union (AKRSU), Biswajit Roy told that the organisation would not directly support any political party in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls in the interest of the smooth progress of the tripartite talks after the polls. He said that several candidates have already approached them directly or indirectly, seeking their support in the polls. But the AKRSU has not yet taken any decision on supporting any candidate.

However, Roy did not rule out the possibility of extending indirect support to a few candidates. He said that they made it clear that the AKRSU might consider extending support to candidates who give a written assurance to forcefully raise the demands for creation of a separate State of Kamatapur and ST status to the Koch Rajbongshi people. "We have received assurances from many political leaders in the past. But this time we will extend support only to those who give a written commitment on our issues," he added.

Courtesy: by the President, AKRSU.